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Dr. Ty and his staff are phenomenal. I’ve suffered upper back pain for years; I tried three different physical therapy approaches and another chiropractor with no relief of my symptoms. After just a month of seeing Dr. Ty I now have little to no pain! Highly recommended.
Karen Spilman

I have been going to Dr. Tye who was recommended to be by another chiropractor for at least five years, and he has made a world of difference in my health. My headaches have gone from two and three days a week to “maybe” two or three days a month, and bonus I have a big improvement in my posture. For years, my husband was going to orthopedic doctors (with no relief) as he could not lift his arm past shoulder height – I convinced him to make an appointment with Dr. Tye – yay – he now has full range of use with that arm and I am getting things done around the house. Win – Win! Thanks Dr. Tye
Deb Sehr

Dr. Ty is great! I drive over 30 minutes to this location. He got me through my pregnancy & also adjusted my baby. My baby kept looking right & developed a flat spot on head. Therapy recommended a tortle head brace. A quick adjustment and he was freely looking left on his own.
Kelly Schulz

I started seeing Dr. Ty Paulick end of June after a new back injury. He helped me tremendously and still does. I was seeing another chiropractor prior to seeing him, but he wasn’t helping my continued back issue and after seeing Dr. Ty I started seeing better results and less pain. One thing I like about him is he doesn’t want to see me every week unless I’m having an issue. His staff and him are very friendly and actually know me as a person. He’s the best chiropractor I’ve been to and I’m so happy he was recommended to me.
Justine Heimer

I started seeing Dr. Ty after I began running two years ago. As an “older” beginner runner I found many new areas of “discomfort” in my body! Dr. Ty was quick to find the problem areas, provide explanation, and complete the necessary adjustments. I was given exercises to help maintain and reduce future issues moving forward. This has helped me to continue to be active and do all the things I love to do. I have seen other chiropractor’s in the past, but Dr. is the best!! I highly recommend him. Appts are convenient, on time, and very comfortable.
Joann Stratsman

I have been to many chiropractors over the years and HealthMAx of White Bear Lake is as good or better than all the others. Ty knew exactly what was causing my upper back problems. After a number of visits, the extreme back pain I was experiencing was gone.
Tom Weaver

The staff and everyone are so great to work with! Appointments are always on time, and the service is top notch. They develop a customized rehabilitation plan for each patient if needed. I would recommend to anyone who is in need of seeing a chiropractor to make an appointment.
Zach Kelly

Both my husband and I are Well Club members and SO glad we joined. I really miss my weekly visits when I travel, so I book a visit for the day after returning from any trip. Can’t say enough good things about this group! Thanks all!!
Lori Barrett

Dr. Ty was a life-saver during my pregnancy. My back pain was so bad I couldn’t sit in the car but after a couple visits with him I was so much more comfortable. My husband is now going for chronic back pain and feels better than he has in months! They are also very timely – hardly ever have to wait more than a minute or two for your appointment which is always SO appreciated. We highly recommend Dr. Ty and his team.
Samantha Kelly

We love coming here! Close to home and outstanding care. Kid friendly too, which is helpful when scheduling my husband and I together. Huge improvement on back/neck pain since starting with Dr. Ty and my frequent headaches are almost non-existent now. I’m so glad I found this clinic!
Anna Baas

I sit and work my computer all day every day and it finally caught up to me. I didn’t feel acute pain or anything, but I would feel stiffness and soreness every morning when I wake up. I went for a free checkup and Dr. Ben found that my neck is in the early stages of losing it’s healthy curves #curvyishealthy Dr. Ben is very knowledgeable in what he does and he is also very thoughtful in making sure that you are comfortable during the adjustment. I also worked with Mara the exercise therapist. She helped me with exercises you can do even when I’m at home and helped me strengthen muscles that I didn’t know I had. All the staff is very pleasant and helpful to interact with and I always come out of their office feeling better. I have since tried to improve my posture and stretch my body every now and then. In my line of work, I see a definite need for maintenance to keep it going.
Elvin Widjaja

The employees here at HealthMax are always very helpful. Dr. Ty is very good at adjusting and explains very well what we are working on. Health source has helped my body get ready for my upcoming baseball season and the exercises we do here are very helpful. Thank you Health Source for all your great help! 🙂
Trent Schoeberl

I’ve been seeing Dr. Ty for almost a year. When I first came to him, I had quite a bit of upper back pain and had no idea that I have mild scoliosis in my thoracic spine. Dr. Ty was able to create a treatment plan for me and explained it thoroughly and professionally. We were able to wean my visits after some time and I am now a part of the maintenance program. Because of this, I am now able to safely weight lift/exercise and also complete the demands of my job with minimal discomfort and with ease of mind. Everyone there is also very friendly. I am so happy to go to HealthMax!
Jessica LS Koran

The staff are always so welcoming when I come in to get my back adjusted. I love that Dr. Ty explains everything he’s going to do before he does it, especially the first time I got my back cracked. It was very calming. And Mara is always so genuine and sweet I never even mind “just doing one more(five more) exercises” haha.
Sarah Rath-Nesvacil

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my care at HealthMax. The team at HealthMax is friendly, fun, and highly skilled in what they do. I have had a personalized, effective treatment that has seen me results in just a few months. I couldn’t recommend them more!
Brianne Claypool

I want to share how impressed I have been with Dr. Ty. I am a Dental Hygienist that has been in practice for 20 years. A few weeks ago, I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my wrist, hand, and fingers. After 4 days of rest, and not working, I realized I needed to figure out what was wrong. I went to see Dr Ty who thoroughly assessed the situation, making sure I was in his scope of practice. He ruled out orthopedic concerns as well as anything neurological that could have been going on. After the evaluation, he knew exactly what artery and nerves were being pinched off causing my symptoms. I have been seeking treatment for three weeks and no longer have any symptoms. I have been so impressed with Dr Ty’s knowledge and treatment. I have been doing therapy with Mara, who has taught me stretching and strengthening exercises to help maintain a healthy state. I want to say thanks to a great team at HealthMax.
Lynn Frattalone

I love this place! I was recommended by a a coworker and starting coming here in December, and I have never felt better. Mara has helped me greatly! Dr Ty is amazing at what he does and Dr Ben is always a smiling face when I walk in!! Thank you HealthMax of White Bear Lake for all your help!
Tony Kraft

Mara, Dr. Ben, and Dr. Ty have exceeded my expectatIons. They are clearly highly knowledgeable and motivated by their patient’s success in recovery and maintenance for overall quality of life. I’m pain free and have so much more energy at the end of the day now that I’m not wasting energy “managing” my chronic neck pain and headaches! Thank you all!!
Melissa Bagley

I love this place!!!! I was recommended by a friend and starting coming here in November!! I have never felt better!!! It’s such a fun place!! I enjoy coming here weekly!! Dr Ty is amazing at what he does! Mara has helped me tremendously and Dr Ben is always a smiling face when I walk in!! Thank you HealthMax of White Bear Lake for all your help!
Chaeley Hunt

I absolutely love this place. When I came in, I was in pain and was experiencing headaches and ear ringing. But with Dr. Ty and Mara’s help, my symptoms are gone and continue to help me through my ordeal. Mara is my favorite employee but don’t tell Dr. Ben and Dr. Ty
Mary Ellen English

Dr Ty is Amazing! He has treated my wife and I for a few years now! Dr Ty knows exactly what to do to help relieve your pain weather you have back pain, shoulder, or you get migraines! My wife has not had a migraine since visiting Dr Ty at HealthMax Chiropractor White Bear Lake. If anyone I know needs chiropractor care I send them to see Dr Ty!
Troy Deonnei

I enjoy the staff and appreciate the maintenance plan available to long-timers. Dr. Ty is probably the best Chiro I’ve ever had, and I’ve seen at least a dozen in my time. He’s very insistent on being thorough in his adjustments. Plus, he’s a fellow lover of rock music. Rock On, Dr. Ty.
Karrie Galetka

Just when I thought my body would reject my ability to run, Dr Ty and his team helped me be able to get back on the trails. Love the combo of chiropractic care and strength training. Highly recommend HealthMax WBL!
Kate Setley

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