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HealthMax Progressive Medicine care includes the following commonly prescribed procedures:

Viscosupplementation of Knee Arthritis:
This procedure is offered to patients typically suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Injections of Hyalgan, Hymovis, Euflexa, Orthovisc and Synvisc are used to lubricate the knee joint and offer increased mobility and pain relief.

Stem Cell Injections:
Stem cell injections are offered as an alternative to costly and painful joint replacement surgeries. Stem cells are injected at the joint site guided by flouroscopic targeting techniques. Once inoculated into the joint, stem cells work to reduce inflammation and repair cartilage. This treatment can prolong and/or eliminate the need for a joint replacement surgery in certain patients. We also offer subcutaneous and IV systemic injections as well.

Physical Therapy:
Physical therapy includes manual therapy, exercise regimens and education with the patients to identify problem areas on the body and properly treat them. Our physical therapists rely upon their training and expertise to listen carefully to the patient, assess symptoms for a variety of potential conditions—typically with manual therapy—and then recommend specific education and exercise regimens designed to dramatically improve the patients usage of their body.

Chiropractic Services:
We offer complete chiropractic care for our patients that focuses on a thorough exam. Our exams vary, but can include a variety of techniques including: range of motion, palpitation, reflex testing, muscular strength comparisons as well as a number of neurological and orthopedic tests designed to accurately diagnose the problem. Spinal adjustments are a large part of our treatment offerings, however, we have the ability to identify and treat a wide variety of conditions beyond the traditional spinal adjustment approach.

Massage Therapy:
Our massage therapy treatments target aching muscles and are designed to increase circulation, reduce swelling, reduce pain and promote overall health and wellness.

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