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Sitting is the new smoking

Many Americans, sitting is a common posture for us. When we are working, socializing, eating, traveling.. sitting has become one of the main positions we put our bodies in daily. Is it really a wonder why researchers are linking excessive sitting to having more health problems. Some of the links researchers around the world are finding is that people are spending over half their day SITTING, which when you think about it.. its scary but true.

Here at Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson we like to educate our patients about things they deal with every day. Lets think about this… sitting limits the calories you can burn. Being more sedentary with your day limits the amount of energy you expend which then limits the amount of calories burned which can lead to weight gain. We all know the dangers of having excess weight and how that affects your health negatively. Researchers show that obese individuals on average sit for 2 more hours per day then people at normal weight.

Is sitting the new smoking??? Well sitting is linked to early death… which we all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes. The Annals of Internal Medicine found that most sedentary people had a 22-49% greater risk of an earlier death.

Sedentary behaviors like sitting has also been linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Well it’s a vicious cycle when you sit for over 15 hours/day, don’t burn calories, gain weight… obviously that will lead to things like diabetes and heart disease. But it can also lead to muscle skeletal disorders like back pain, neck pain due to poor posture when sitting as well as the act of sitting itself


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