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Shoulder bone is connected to the Neck Bone

Shoulder Mobility
Have you ever wondered by one shoulder has more of an ability to move, or a better range of motion? Have you heard the phrase frozen shoulder? That sounds scary! Often times we do have structural differences from lefts side to right, and that can lead to less mobility on one side. But as chiropractors we are trained to find those restrictions and determine whether they can be improved. Often times people think of chiropractic just as a way of relieving pain… which is NOT our main goal. Yes we love facilitating your body to heal, but our or at least our main goal here at Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson is to restore FUNCTION and improve mobility. With better greater mobility comes less pain, a less worry about “oh when will the pain come back”.

Frozen shoulder is a form of shoulder adhesive capsulitis which causes stiffness, loss of mobility and typically pain in the shoulder. May people are unable to even lift arm above head, let alone put clothes on without help. Research has shown that getting a shoulder treated earlier will help decrease the long term negative side affects like perhaps needing surgery. Symptoms typically come on more gradually and then worsen over time if not treated. Chiropractic care to the neck as well has shoulder helps relieve the nervous system and restore function to the shoulder joint itself. At Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson we combine our corrective care spinal and extremity treatments with customized therapeutic rehabilitation to the shoulder to help regain motion, lessen pain and return you to fullest HEALTHIEST version of yourself!


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