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Low Back Pain
Chiropractic care is an all-natural approach to healing your body and relieving back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, HealthMax Chiro would love to help you. Our doctors at HealthMax Chiro will give you a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your back pain.
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Pregnancy /Pediatric Care
A common question we receive is whether it is safe to receive chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy. The answer is, yes! If you’ve never considered receiving chiropractic treatment to prepare for a pregnancy, maintain well-being during pregnancy to restore your alignment.
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Spine health is extremely important to us at HealthMax Chiro. When the spine is not healthy it can lead to a host of challenges, including arthritis. Dysfunction in the spine will occur as a result of mild to moderate nerve pressure that interferes with how well the tissue is working around the spine.
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Carpal Tunnel
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is considered to be a Repetitive Stress Injury. This category of injuries is caused by repetitive motion, such as typing cleaning, or assembly line work. According to the American Chiropractic Association, CTS most often occurs in adults, with women 3 times more likely…
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Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is one of the most common causes of low back pain and neck pain. Discs are located between each column of the spine. When the disc degenerates it puts pressure on surrounding nerves. This results in symptoms of pain and/or radiating weakness or numbness in the limbs.
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Headaches / Migraines
Headaches are one of the most popular things that a chiropractor can address. It is helpful to understand the biology of a headache in order to understand the treatment process. In most instances there is pressure that develops in the upper cervical spine. Although it can manifest in the lower cervical area too.
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Herniated Disc
Chiropractic care is a nonsurgical treatment option available for herniated discs. Admittedly, there are a number of mixed reviews on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for herniated disc. It is true that once the disc is pushed out of its normal position, the damage is often irreparable without surgery.
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Motor Vehicle Accidents
Immediately following a motor vehicle accident you will want to receive a thorough physical evaluation. This will be important information to have available for insurance purposes as well as to begin recovery. Not all vehicle accidents result in significant injury, but anytime there has been an abrupt stop there could be hidden damage.
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Neck Pain
Neck pain is an irritation of the nerves typically originating from the cervical vertebrae (located immediately below the skull). Neck pain may also arise due to muscular tightness or joint disruption in both the neck and upper back. When this occurs it can cause an irritation, imbalance, or actual structural change to the spine.
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Sciatica is a very common ailment in which pain radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. The pain can run down one or both legs and is felt in the lower back, rear, and/or legs. Typically the pain is more noticeable in the legs than in the other areas. It is frequently described as being a shooting pain or burning sensation.
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HealthMax Weight Loss
We meet so many clients that have tried just about every weight loss program. If you stop and think about it … is losing weight a one size fits all thing? At Lifetime Fat Loss Centers we realize that every patient is different, and we work hard to make sure you achieve the results you’re looking for.
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Workers’ Comp Injuries
etting injured at work can bring on many challenges apart from the injury itself. Collecting Workman’s Compensation benefits is sometimes a frustrating endeavor because there is very specific documentation that must be provided to the insurance provider. The benefits paid out are usually modest, but……
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Nutrition Supplementation
The key to long-term health and weight loss is proper nutrition. Smart eating habits will improve energy levels and inspire long-term healthy lifestyle changes. It sounds simple enough, but what does it really mean to eat “proper” and “smart?” Whole grain? No grain? Gluten-Free? Dairy-Free? High protein? Vegan? Organic? Seriously!
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Workplace Posture & Ergonomics
Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for many individuals. The investment a person makes in obtaining care pays off with maximum benefit when the work or home office is set up correctly. Choosing the wrong position to sit, sitting for extended periods of time, or simply having a poor chair/desk space can reduce the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments.
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Standard Process Purification Program
Standard Process® Purification Program is a “program that teaches you how to live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy body and weight.” It includes these supplements with whole food ingredients to help you purify and manage your weight.
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