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Reflux ruining your life?

Acid reflux is quickly becoming one of the most common secondary (in some cases primary) conditions that comes into our clinic. Acid reflux, sometimes also called GERD which stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease affects more than 3 millions people every year. It affects both adults and more and more children. Just this past week a mom brought in her 6 year old who has the worst case of reflux I have seen in years! But great news, with only 2 adjustments, and working with our favorite acupuncturist, that little boy has been reflux free for a week. We are all very encouraged and look forward to helping more people who are suffering.

Acid reflux is a digestive disease that occurs when the sphincter (the flap) muscle at the end of your esophagus isn’t working correctly causing stomach acid or bile to come back up the esophagus. This can cause irritation to the esophagus and its lining. This can then cause heartburn type pain and symptoms. When reflux and heartburn happen more than two times in a week that is when you get a diagnosis of GERD.

Symptoms of acid reflux are burning in the chest which typically occurs after eating and also when laying flat. Certain foods can trigger reflux type symptoms, but can vary from person to person. Some state that if they eat tomatoes or anything in the nightshade family they will get reflux while others say if they eat something spicy that will be their trigger. Other symptoms could be frequent belching, dry cough, bitter taste in their mouth, nausea, discomfort in upper abdomen and some worst case vomiting.

Chiropractic care can significantly help patients suffering from reflux or GERD. One of my cases early on in my chiropractic career was this big burley construction guy. He came in with mid back pain. I did my exam, pictures, x-rays and explained how he had subluxation and there was irritation or “pinching” of the nerves in the middle of his back. I remember him being like “yah, yah yah… fix me!” So we started him on his care plan and 2 weeks later he comes walking in the door with a puzzled look on his face. He said since he had been coming to me not only was the pain in his back lessening, but he wasn’t having his acid reflux any more. He couldn’t understand what I was doing that could be doing that. So I took him over to my poster about the autonomic nervous system. I explained that every organ, muscle and tissues is innervated by a nerve. As I was removing his subluxation of this spine, I was freeing up his nervous system to function better. That was why his reflux symptoms were improving! He was so happy… well, as happy as the burley man could get! 🙂

Chiropractic care removes subluxation, restores function and allows the body to heal and repair. At Healthmax we also help treat reflux and GERD by helping people with their nutrition and managing their weight. Obesity plays a large role in acid reflux and GERD. As a chiropractor I help take stress out of your spine and joints, which relieves the nervous system, but we also need to take weight off to further improve the stress on the body. Weight loss is not an easy conversation, but we want our patients to have whole body wellness, and if they are carrying extra weight, that will not help them be the most active vital person they are striving to be.


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