Poor Posture?

Having good posture is vital to our health and wellness! Have you ever tried to take a deep breath when you are slouched and hunched forward in a seated position? You cannot actually take in a full breath in this position! If you cannot get air into the cells of your body, this is NOT a good thing.

At Healthmax, we are passionate about helping you improve your posture! When you have improved posture, you tend to also have better range of motion, less pain, less wear/tear on the body and more confidence. Chiropractic care is vital to helping someone with their posture because we align and balance the spine. When things are out of alignment, I find those places, get them moving with an adjustment as well as therapeutic rehabilitation exercises that you can repeat at home. I wish I could say with one adjustment and doing the exercises one time that BOOM you’d have perfect posture…that’s not how it works. Just like if you wanted to lose 100 pounds, you can’t go to the gym one time and expect that kind of weight loss. You have to be consistent.

How do we help with posture? We start with a very thorough exam that includes range of motion and posture analysis. The analysis is made up of 2-3 pictures of your standing posture. We then put 17 markers throughout your pictures and present you with our findings. We also take state of the art digital x-rays, and those are great for showing alignment and subluxation (misalignment) of the spine as well as potential degeneration. The posture pictures by and large have way more impact on patients because they are pictures of them… they see where their head should be… and where it actually is.

Helping someone improve their posture includes these 3 things: a chiropractic adjustment, exercises to support the adjustments made and then repeat. How long do you repeat… that is a great question. The answer is it depends. Depends on the exam finding and what the cause of the misalignment. It depends on the consistency that the chiropractic adjustments are being made, typically we see people more frequently at first to re-education the joints, muscles and spine to stay in proper alignment. Another major contributor on how soon a patient will respond to care is what they drink and how they eat. Proper hydration is critical to healing, and same goes for food. If you don’t fuel your body with healthy, nutrient dense food then you are depleting your body and it will not respond to care as fast as someone who does fuel their body in a healthy way.

If you are wondering about your posture, or perhaps you know your posture and alignment need some major work, please give us a call. Our vision at Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson is to be a one stop shop for health and wellness with chiropractic care and lifestyle services at the core. If we can not help for any reason, we will help you find someone who can. We also want every person who walks through our door to immediately feel that they are in the right place for health, wellness and healing.


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