Poor Pooper?

Constipation (or an inability to poop) is not a laughing matter. One of our basic human functions is the ability to eliminate waste – but 3 of 5 people who are constipated do not talk about it with their healthcare providers! Would it surprise you to hear that we chiropractors help several people a day to poop? We talk about poop A LOT at Healthmax.

Kids aren’t the only ones who can get labeled as “poor poopers”. Millions of people suffer from constipation, and it’s also a very common complaint to our emergency room. Constipation is the most common chronic digestive problem. It is also responsible for over 900 deaths in the US every year, so again it is no laughing matter. So why are so many people suffering?

Before we dive in to how to help improve bowel function lets address some major causes of constipation:
Typical American Diet – which is full of processed foods, unhealthy carbs and SUGAR
Lack of daily physical activity
Lack of veggies and fruits daily
Medications side effects
Misalignment of the spine and/or pelvis
Food sensitivities
Poor Gut microbiome

Medically we diagnose constipation when you have fewer than three stools a week, or if the quality of your stool is hard or lumpy, or you need to strain to have a bowel movement. Another question I like to ask my patient is if they feel they are completely eliminating when they do have a bowel movement. That gets people to pause. Sometimes people think there is no problem with their bowels because they go every day, mostly. But when we do lumbar x-rays to evaluate their spine and alignment and all I see is bowel gas and waste.

SO why are so many people suffering? Well let’s just talk about it and get you feeling better so there is less suffering! Chiropractic care has been proven in multiple clinical studies to help constipation management. Whether you are a brand new baby or in your 70s, there is no need to suffer with constipation. At Healthmax, we like to do a thorough assessment of the nervous system, the skeletal and muscular systems to provide a full picture of what’s going on with each of our patients and see how we can help not just relieve them of their constipation issues, but also get them functioning better from the inside out.

Can chiropractic care really help with my poor pooper? YES we can! Here is what are the symptoms we hear most often when it comes to suffering with constipation:
Lower back pain
Hip pain
Bloating or pressure in the stomach and/or back
Painful gas or bowel movement
Stomach or back cramping
Feeling of fullness

At Healthmax we take a look at you as a whole person. Our goal is to get you out of pain the quickest but then to also make sure that we restore function to your body. No one who has suffered with constipation ever wants it to happen again, so we want to come along side you and help ensure that we don’t simply get you out of pain, we are going after the cause of WHY you are constipated and get after the cause. The chiropractic adjustment is a vital tool in aligning the spine and releasing the nervous system.

If you want to learn more, schedule a new patient consultation with Dr. Jamie and learn more about restoring function as well as getting you to be a better pooper!


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