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Critical Importance of getting your children checked chiropractically. Getting your spine checked is important at any age, however the younger you are the more impact it makes on your spinal health the rest of your life. I check babies hours after they are born, it’s that vital to their health. As adults we can articulate if there is something not quite right, or if our bodies feel out of alignment. Infant and children cannot always tell us something is wrong. They communicate to us through crying, spitting up, acting out those types of things. Our bodies are AMAZING, and they have an innate ability to heal once we free the nervous system and allow our body to function as it should. If there is something interfering with the body’s ability to communicate back to the brain and vice versa then problems arise.
Common conditions that affect our kiddos; colic, reflux, constipation, nursing and digestive issues. Sinus and ear infection are also big problem for our kiddos and there is a natural way for healing with chiropractic. You may be surprised but chiropractic is helping thousands of children with autism, ADHD, anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorders. Asthma, allergies and boosting a child’s immune system can all benefit from a gentle chiropractic treatment
Benefits of the adjustment is first and foremost to reduce nerve interference which is known as a subluxation. Boost the immune and gut health which provides better digestion for our kiddos. Chiropractic also enhances growth and developmental processes as a child gets older. Better alignment of there spine means they will be more likely to have less skeletal problems down the line! Remember the old saying… “It’s easier to BUILD strong children, than it is to FIX broken adults” I love that saying.. we use it a lot at Healthmax.
The benefits of Chiropractic as reported by many parents include but have not been limited to: Improved sleep, digestion, nursing, less illness/infection, rapid recovery from illness, better mood and behavior and better connection with parents and other children.
Lets get all the kiddos check and set them up for excellent spinal health!


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