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Need to Detox?

Detoxification is a word that gets used more and more. But what does it actually mean? Some people fear the word and the act of detoxing their body because they think they will have to take time off from work and stay in the bathroom all day. No, no, no, my friends, detoxing the body should be done in an all natural way so there is no need to take time off work! In previous blog articles, I have talked about getting off your phone and unplugging… that is also a form of detoxification.

Let’s discuss how we can detox our bodies in a healthy way.

With nearly all my patients, I discuss the importance of ADDING in good stuff. So often when I hear people wanting to get healthy, they say “I can’t have that… or I can’t do that”. At Healthmax, I truly want people to be healthier from the inside out. So we start with encouraging people to add 3 things into their daily habits.
1. Add water! Water is so vitally important to overall health and most of us do not get enough. I should (and probably will) do an entire blog about water.
2. Add more movement. MOVE YOUR BODY! That doesn’t mean you have to go hit the gym every day for hours at a time. Moving your body should mean doing something that you like. Several women in my practice move their bodies every day in their gardens. Some guys I know love basketball, so they go play a pick up game with their kids or friends on a regular basis. I would like to believe ALL my patients do their prescribed neck and back exercises every single day… and that’s a very healthy form of movement.
3. I tell all my patients to add more VEGGIES to their diet! Across the board, we are all not getting enough servings of vegetables in our bodies on a daily basis. So when we start thinking of how to clean it up and detoxify the body… we say let’s add veggies!

So by ADDING healthy things into your daily routine, for example drinking more water, moving your body and eating more veggies, you will be healthier from the inside out. This is a BIG step in the direction of preparing oneself for detoxification of the body.

As I said before, any detox process you may want to start should be ALL natural. No harmful chemicals, or hormones and additives. We have a couple of processes that help aid the body in eliminating waste that has built up. Our main line is from Standard Process out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They have 2 products that we order regularly for our patients depending on their needs and goals. The first product is called simply the Purification program and the second is Detox. Both of these plans have you eating a REAL food eating plan along with a shake that will help the liver function to eliminate waste and purify the liver along the way as well as some supplements. So many people think they will not be eating with a detoxification plan, but that is not the case with us. We LOVE encouraging people to do one of our detox plans at least once a year because it jump starts you back into eating healthy, preparing your food and planning ahead. All these actions are key to creating a much healthier YOU!

If you are unsure of where you should start, then the best option would be to call the office and get on my schedule for a nutrition consultation. We will set aside time to talk about your health concerns, your goals and how we can assist you to help you detoxify and get healthier from the inside out!


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