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HealthMax Chiropractic is proud to be a MOJO Pro. We believe in improving the well-being of others.

One tangible way we can do this is by partnering with MOJO to bring you the best in orthotics the industry has to offer. You need to care for your feet because failure to do so can lead to many health challenges. “The foot was made to carry the average body, of maybe up to 200 pounds,” says Darryl Haycock, a surgeon in Lima, Ohio, and a spokesman for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “When you add 100 or 200 pounds, it overloads the tendons, the ligaments and the bones.” A well-written article, “Your Health: Feet bear the strain of extra weight,” found in USA Today covers the issues nicely. Flat feet, inflamed tendons, sore heels, and arthritis of the foot and ankle can set us back in our health. When our feet are feeling too burdened to move we become inactive. This leads to a vicious cycle of gaining more weight, experiencing more health problems, and continuing to be inactive.

MOJO helps end the cycle by preventing burden on your feet in the first place! MOJO’s custom-made orthotics are designed to help you ‘get moving’ more comfortably and more efficiently. They are engineered to support the architectural structure of your feet and are customized to flex while you walk, making long days living on man-made surfaces more comfortable.

For more information on MOJO orthotics, consult with your HealthMax Chiro MOJO Pro. We, too, believe “Strong healthy feet are the foundation for a strong, active body.”

For more information on MOJO orthotics, contact HealthMax Chiropractic at 715-808-0445. Serving Wisconsin in Hudson, River Falls, Somerset, New Richmond, and Minnesota in Lakeland, Stillwater, Woodbury, Afton, Marine on St. Croix.

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