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Chiropractic Care For Low Back Pain

Hudson Chiropractor – Healthmax Chiropractic ClinicChiropractic care is an all-natural approach to healing your body and relieving back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, HealthMax Chiro would love to help you. We treat patients in Western Wisconsin (Hudson, River Falls, Somerset, New Richmond) and Eastern MN (Lakeland, Stillwater, Woodbury, Afton, Marine on St. Croix.)
Common Symptoms of Back Pain

• Muscle aches
• Cramping
• Shooting pain
• Stabbing pain
• Pain that radiates down your leg
• Limited flexibility
• Restricted range of motion
• Inability to stand up straight

Typical Causes of Back Pain
There can be many causes for back pain, including the obvious like car accidents. One of the most common causes is a muscle or ligament strain. This strain could be caused by heavy lifting or repetitive movements. Think of all the tension you put on your back when shoveling snow in Wisconsin each season! Another common cause of back pain is when trauma occurs between the spinal bones. This causes inflammation, which puts pressure on the nerves in the spine.

What to Expect from HealthMax Chiro
Our doctors at HealthMax Chiro will give you a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your back pain. This includes x-rays, a physical examination of your spine and posture, and observation of your gait. Our office is committed to caring for you as an individual. We will create a treatment program designed to meet your needs.

Gentle spinal adjustments help improve the function of your spine. Our goal is to restore your spine to a healthy state and bring you relief from pain. Our effective back pain treatment will allow the discs and soft tissues in your back the opportunity to heal. This in turn will relieve pressure on the nerves, and your pain will be reduced. You will experience increased stability and range of motion. If only we could stop the snow from falling…

For effective back pain relief contact HealthMax Chiro at 715-808-0445. We strive to provide the best chiropractic care in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota


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