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Improve Health with Omega 3 Fatty Acid

It is 2020…. somewhere along the lines SOMEONE had to have told you about Omega-3 fatty acid, or fish oils. Dr. Jamie at HealthMax Chiropractic talks about them DAILY with her patients. More and more research is showing the importance of supplementing Omega-3 in your daily diet. We just do not get enough from our food. Let us tell you why, now more than ever, Omega-3’s need to be added to you daily routine.

Omega-3 Decrease inflammation in the body!
Omega-3 decrease mucous production
Omega-3 Increase immune function!!!

What does all this mean? It means with these 3 things it IMPROVES METABOLIC FUNCTION. Who doesn’t want a better metabolism?! Have you been struggling to lose weight? More times than not it is because your metabolism isn’t functioning the way it should. Its a vicious cycle. You eat more, you don’t move your body because your body hurts and then you continue making bad choices that affect your health in a negative way! One seemingly small change you could make would be to add an Omega-3 fish oil to your daily routine.

A study was done and published on Omega 3- Fatty Acid SUPPLEMENTATION for 12 weeks and how it INCREASES resting and exercises metabolic rate in healthy community-dwelling older females! Here are the facts from the study: Exercise measurements were taken before and after 12 wk of supplementation and resting metabolic measures were made before and at 6 and 12 wk of supplementation. The results demonstrated that fish oil supplementation significantly increased resting metabolic rate by 14%, energy expenditure during exercise by 10%, and the rate of fat oxidation during rest by 19% and during exercise by 27%. In addition, fish oil consumption lowered triglyceride levels by 29% and increased lean mass by 4% and functional capacity by 7%, while no changes occurred in the PL group. In conclusion, fish oil may be a strategy to improve age-related physical and metabolic changes in healthy older females.

Moral of the story is that if you are having trouble with your metabolism, adding a FISH oil may help you lose those unwanted pounds… as well as the several other huge factors fish oils do… ie Anti-inflammatory properties!!!

Here at HealthMax Chiropractic of Hudson we recommend one of the very best omegas out there. Dr. James Chestnut founded Innate Choice. And his Omega-3 product line is by and large the best out there. We carry his Omega-3 in the office at all time! It is a 3rd party tested, all natural, super dose of Omega-3 fatty acid! Honestly the best bang for your buck too! Come in and get your bottle TODAY!

We all know there is more than one way to improve your health. Adding a fish oil is just one of them. Keeping yourself and your nervous system free of interference with a chiropractic adjustment is vitally important to your overall health. Along with eating healthy real food, getting enough water and sleep daily as well as regular digestion…. if any of these things are out of “whack” for you give us a call here at HealthMax Chiropractic of Hudson. We are focused on helping keep our community and families in to healthy, active and living the most vital lives.


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