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I was put on this earth to serve and to help people. Chiropractic health and wellness is a passion of mine because I am able to help people get to the root cause of their problems and help facilitate healing by aligning the nervous system. WOW that was a lot of fancy words… basically my priority is to help your body FUNCTION properly by relieving stress on the body. It is not simply about getting people out of pain! Chiropractic is SO much more! How do I do it?? I find the misalignment that is not allowing the brain to communicate with the body and I align it so that there is better brain body connection!

How does that all make you healthier? Lets think about it… if you have interference to your nervous system (the brain and spinal cord/nerves…. YIKES that sounds terrible) then your body is NOT going to FUNCTION properly. If your body is not FUNCTIONING… what happens?? Dis-EASE, DIS-Function = Problems! There is a lot of stress happening in our world; physical, mental and chemical stressors. Many of which we have little to know control over. Our bodies feels all three types of stress, and can cause us symptoms that may not feel great! By aligning the spine and relieving the nervous system of the muscle skeletal stressors, that allows the nervous system (and your amazing human body) to heal itself! Our bodies have an INNATE INTELLIGENCE! You bodies is what heals you from Dis-EASE and Dis-Function. My job is simply to facilitate that healing!

Now its is so so important to keep the body God gave you healthy from the inside out. What does that mean? If you put good in (real, healthy, from the earth food) then good comes out! A healthier gut and nutrition is going to make you so much HEALTHIER and will help fight off illness and prevent Dis-ease! Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson focuses on whole body health and wellness. If your weight or nutrition needs help we are here for you just as we are for all your chiropractic needs. We are here to help and to serve our community!


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