Got Fat???

So we have added nutrition counseling and weight loss to Healthmax Chiropractic of Hudson for nearly 2 years. We have seen a lot in that 2 years! Success and challenges. Tears of joy and tears of frustration. People who have made life changes, and others who were not ready. I personally have been right in the thicket with my tribe here with Healthmax Weight loss center. The struggle has been real. At the beginning of my journey to a healthier new me, there were good days and bad. Now I have way more good days, because I have accepted this process as a LIFESTYLE… not simply a diet… or “I want to look good for this special event…” The many of our tribe who have had remarkable results have accepted and approached this healthy eating and healthy living process as a lifestyle are the ones who are achieving their health goals and living more active vital lives. This is the goal… Healthmax is all about creating healthier people and families… one person at a time.
So attention to all of you who have tried to make a change in the past, who may have had success, but not are feeling defeated. Weight loss, and eating healthy is tough!!! But more than that it is very much a mental process… DON’T DO IT ALONE! Our approach to changing your lifestyle starts with getting rid of the CRAP! We focus on REAL food, no shakes, NO pre-packaged foods, no processed food of any kinds and we cut the sugar. Sugar has such a strong hold on us Americans… and it is literally killing ourselves prematurely. We naturally and slowly detoxify our systems and re-boot our metabolisms. No weight loss can be maintained with out a healthy fully functioning metabolism!
First step is you kicking that negative thinking to the side and decide for yourself that you want to learn more. I have free metabolic workshops that will outline the program and you can then decide if it sounds right for you. Call us any time to sign up for the next workshop!!


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