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Poor Pooper?

Constipation (or an inability to poop) is not a laughing matter. One of our basic human functions is the ability to eliminate waste – but 3 of 5 people who are constipated do not talk about it with their healthcare providers! Would it surprise you to hear that we chiropractors help several people a day […]

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Poor Sleeper?

I am personally a huge fan of getting good quality sleep. I make it a priority in my life to be consistent with my sleep schedule. Recently that was challenged. I had the opportunity to travel for some continuing education so I decided to leave the night before the seminar so I could sleep and […]

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Poor Posture?

Having good posture is vital to our health and wellness! Have you ever tried to take a deep breath when you are slouched and hunched forward in a seated position? You cannot actually take in a full breath in this position! If you cannot get air into the cells of your body, this is NOT […]

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