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Are You and Your Baby Suffering From Colic?

Colic is defined as comfortless crying in a baby and/or the child exhibits periodic fussiness that can last over hours or days. Colic is characterized by problems of loud piercing cry, tensed abdominal muscles, flexed legs, and clenched fingers. That sounds terrible for all involved! Colic type behavior generally starts around three weeks of age […]

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Allergies got you down?

Did you know? Chiropractic care may help reduce your allergy symptoms! Spring is here. Winter is slowly coming to an end. While most of us are excited about the warmer weather, green grass and flowers blooming… others are suffering. Seasonal allergies affect more than 50 million Americans every year. People who suffer from allergies dread […]

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Can chiropractic help you conceive?

Yes! The answer is simply really. Looking at the principles of chiropractic science, you’ll see it’s all about the nervous system. When the nervous system is free of interference, or subluxation, the nerves can then fully allow for communication of the brain and body. What’s subluxation? That means the bones of the spine are out […]

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