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Poor Pooper?

Constipation (or an inability to poop) is not a laughing matter. One of our basic human functions is the ability to eliminate waste – but 3 of 5 people who are constipated do not talk about it with their healthcare providers! Would it surprise you to hear that we chiropractors help several people a day […]

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What’s that noise?

Tinnitus is a fancy word for when a person is experiencing noise in either one or both of their ears. Medically tinnitus is a neurological condition affecting the inner ear. Typically it is a ringing type sound or a buzzing, hissing, clicking or roaring. This noise can be constant or come and go. The sound […]

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Being Tased sounds like fun…

Reason 999 why you should not get tased is by my personal experience with it… Your rib could pop out causing you difficultly with breathing. Let me give you some back ground. I am part of the Hudson Police departments Citizen’s Police Academy. And through this 9 week course, we have done some amazing things […]

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