Being Tased sounds like fun…

Reason 999 why you should not get tased is by my personal experience with it… Your rib could pop out causing you difficultly with breathing. Let me give you some back ground. I am part of the Hudson Police departments Citizen’s Police Academy. And through this 9 week course, we have done some amazing things and I have learned a ton! Most of you know that I LOVE to learn new things. Well last week’s class was on self-defense. It was a great class, and we were told we had the option to get tased if we so chose.

Well I went into it thinking, no I’m not going to do it… I have to travel for a conference and I don’t want anything to mess with it. Well EVERYONE else in the class got tased, and I did not want to be the only one to not experience it… even though it looked so painful. I know what you are thinking… “if everyone else jumped off a cliff would you?” Well crap, I did it… it was the worst 2 seconds of my life. But that pain went away once the 50 Volts stopped. I was left with a stabbing pain in my left side of my shoulder blade. The pain only got worse as the night went on, come to find out my rib was displaced.

Luckily… being a chiropractor in Hudson, I have a fantastic pool of peers to ask for help to get me back in alignment. It took 4 days before I was breathing easier. So moral of the story… DO NOT GET TASED!!!!


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