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Hudson Chiropractor – Healthmax Chiropractic ClinicSpine health is extremely important to us at HealthMax Chiro. When the spine is not healthy it can lead to a host of challenges, including arthritis. Dysfunction in the spine will occur as a result of mild to moderate nerve pressure that interferes with how well the tissue is working around the spine. Nerve impulses around the spine stop stimulating the muscle and tissues adjoining the spine in a correct manner. The body will perceive the pressure on the nerves and create compensation. It will do this by moving away from the area of pressure or cause fixation. This presents as the joints in the spine not moving fluidly or correctly. It only takes a couple of weeks for fibers and tissues surrounding the spine to start decompensating from lack of mobility. When a person experiences internal trauma or injury like this the tissue structures will actually change. This can cause pressure on the nerves. These changes are microscopic and progress slowly.

The best way chiropractors can help relieve arthritis is to reinstate the integrity of motion in the spine and further slow the process of decompensation. At HealthMax Chiro our skilled practitioners will take pressure off of the nervous system and alleviate symptoms. We are actually able to restore the health of the spine from the inside by restoring motion and relieving pressure off of the nervous system. We will bring the body back into a state of balance and allow the body to begin healing itself. Chiropractic adjustments will help! Our highly trained practitioners can release the pressure and get the person feeling rejuvenated again. Arthritis beware!

Find relief from arthritis by contacting HealthMax Chiro at 715-808-0445. We strive to provide the best chiropractic care in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.

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